Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

Sud'Arrange fees

We aim to earn back what we cost

Trust and transparency are key elements of our business. They enable us to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers as well as our service providers. This transparency starts with our fees. No necessity to get a quote, they are well presented below! Visible for every one, no exceptions!  


Since 1970, Hoguet law, imposes every real estate agent to be payed based on performance and 2014 Alure law,  specified that househunter are considered real estate agents (and not consultants). This means a property finder only get paid when they find you a suitable house and a purchase contract is signed. No advance, inquiry fee or cost-refund can be asked. 

French real estate agents get a fee (honoraires), which is a percentage of the final selling price, notary fees are not used to calculate this fee. Our fee includes:


Feasability study

Buyers advice

Requirement specification

Search and visit of potential properties

– Detailed reporting

– Regular debriefing  

– Documentation

– Assistance until notary

Sud'Arrange House huntting and property management service property finder property hunter keyholder concierge

Our dégressive rates, based on selling price (seller and notary fees excluded)

Sud'Arrange - Househunting


Moins de 200.000 euros

% 4,50 TTC

Minimum 6000 euros


200.000 - 299.999 euros

% 4,00 TTC



300.000 - 500.000 euros

% 3,50 TTC


High Roller

plus de 500.000 euros

% 3,00 TTC

Maximum 20.000 euros

We guide our customers on the selling price of real estate in our area and take up price negociations when we think they are needed. If we agree on a lower price, we charge a 10% fee on the negociated difference. 

If a property is listed by another real estate agent, we will try to negociate a “division of fees”. This means we get part of our fee from the sellers agent and will deduct this part from our customers fee

The aforementioned fees are thus a maximum, and final costs might be lower. Don’t take them for granted, but it might be a bonus!



House T6 200m²: Listing 280.000 euros TTC. Selling fee 7%

without inter-agence
Selling fee: 280.000 x 7% = 19.600 euros 
Sud’Arrange buying Fee: 280.000 x 4% = 11.200 euros

with inter-agence 60-40
Selling fee 280.000 x 7% = 19.600 euros divided between selling agent (11.760), and us, buying agent (7.840) 
Buying fee for Sud’Arrange customer: 280.000 x 4% = 11.200 euros – 7.840 euros = 3.360 euros 

In this example our buyers fee lowers to 1,2%!


House T6 200m²: Listing 280.000 euros TTC. Selling fee 7%

Without inter-agence
Seller Fee: 280.000 x 7% = 19.600 euros 
Sud’Arrange: 280.000 x 4% = 11.200 euros

With inter-agence 60%-40%
Seller Fee: 280.000 x 7% = 19.600 euros
11.760 Agent <-> 7.840 Sud’Arrange
You: 280.000 x 4% = 11.200 euros – 7.840 euros = 3.360 euros 

In this example our buyers fee lowers to 1,2%!

Real Estate Intermediation

Based on customer requests we now offer our services individually. 

  • Visit: 600 – 750 euro – House visit with or without report (properties within 2h of Toulouse)
  • Notaries office: 3000 euro – Check-up of preliminary contract, modifications if needed, contact with notary and presence for signature. Complementary deeds, permits etc on demand.
  • Bank: 2500 euro – Creation of financial file, submission with multiple banks and follow up on procedure.
  • Installation: On demand based upon mission. 


It might be an option for you to put your holiday home up for rental when you’re not there. Be it to earn back some of your investment or to pay for yearly maintenance. If it’s not your first rodeo, you might know how frustrating and time-consuming this part can get, more so when you live far away! That’s why we offer you the possibility to outsource rental management of your vacation home! Our services include

– Advertising your property

– Booking management  

– Conclude holiday leases

– Cleaning

– Inventory

– Rental management

– Emergency contact for residents

Minimum rental: 6 days

Fee: 20%

Property Management

As property managers we maintain your property year round. To ensure this service fits everybodies needs we offer 3 distinct packages, that will be supplemented with the cost of our contractors. We work with the best local enterprises and all of them need to see the property before quoting the work that will be needed. Their price will depend on multiple elements like the acreage, complexity and location of your property. 



Ideal for main residences or if you want to maintain your property yourself but would like to have somebody on call when needed.  Every intervention is billed and we take a 15% fee on our contractors work.


Best if you want somebody to look after you property when you’re not there, but want to maintain the property yourself. eg. people spending 6 months in France, 6 months in the UK. We check your property 12 times/year and report our findings on regular intervals. If maintenance work is needed, we charge a 15% fee on our contractors quote. 


Be free, we manage your property A to Z! We check up monthly and when there is bad weather, we manage (y)our contractors and check up on their efforts. An inconvenience, no worries! We get in touch with the insurance company and follow up on your claim, make sure contractors are sent to repair damages en report this to you on a monthly basis. Quarterly advances give us some wiggle room to make sure your property awaits your arrival in the best shape possible!

- 75 euro / check-up (on demand) Excl. Travel costs
-20% / contractor intervention / maintenance / repair
- 12 check-ups included
- 50euro / check-up
- Excl. Travel costs
.-15% / contractor intervention / maintenance / repair
- 50euro / check-up
- At least 12 checkups included
- Excl. Travel costs
.-10% / contractor intervention / maintenance / repair

At Sud’Arrange we aim to fully relieve our customers of the day-to-day operations of their property. We can thus go way further than what’s offered higher up. (Cleaning whites, fill up fridges and pantries, flower up your home before you arrive,…)

Contact us to explain your needs and we’ll see how we can help you!


You want to renovate your house, make it bigger our build something but you don’t know where to start? 

We manage your project start to finish!

– Permits

– Quotes

– Communication with contractors

– Meetings and follow-ups

– Quality control

– Repporting

To analyse your project we ask an advance of 250 euros. This study will give you a better view on the feasability of your project and will let you decide whether or not to go on with it. 

When you give us a start signal, we follow up your project start to finish and will quote you 10% of it’s total worth. The advance will be deducted ofcourse!


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