Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance

Keep it just right, all year long

I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemy“; That’s what my uncle systematically used to tell me when he was talking about the pools of his neighbours. And while it might be true in a country like Belgium a swimming pool is really a must have in the south of France and it will greatly add value to your property! 

“”I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemy

That’s what my uncle systematically used to tell me when he was talking about the pools of his neighbours. And while it might be true in a country like Belgium

a swimming pool is really a must have in the south of France

and it will greatly add value to your property! 

Pool Maintenance

PH, TH, TAC… , Sud’Arrange makes sure your pool is in optimal shape. Keep the abbreviations for the crosswords beside your perfectly maintained pool!

The pool could very well be the place you spend most of your time at during your holidays abroad. It’s a place where you can get some rest, meet people, be active or just get refreshed. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also adds value to your second home, for you, for your tenants or the people who might buy your house in the future!

And while it has a certain cost, adding a pool to your vacation residence is something that needs to be thought over. If you’re looking to buy a property it might be interesting to look for one that is already equipped!

If your house is not yet equipped with one, contact us. We work with some of the best designers in the area. A pool needs to be well thought over: which materials will be used? What type of filtration do you need? How will the water flow? all these questions will have an impact on the cost of maintaining the pool in the future. Most of the time it might be a good decision to invest some more up front but get lower consumptions and easier maintenance on the long run!

If your house is already equipped, its crucial to maintain the installation regularly to ensure its longevity. A pool is a living ecosystem. Temperature changes, added rainwater, leaves that fall in and decompose, the number of swimmers… all have their impact on the quality of the water. If you keep up with maintenance on a regular basis, your pool won’t need shock-treatments or emptying, it should be able to regulate itself throughout the year!

There are 4 key elements to consider:

The smaller and simpler your pool, the easier it will be to maintain. But these basics count for every pool.

Filtration system: This is the system that ensures the water is regularly renewed and keeps on flowing. Its main components are the pump, filter, skimmer (what sucks in the water), and the outlets (that send water back in the pool). It filters debris from the pool and spits out clean water. Because the systems keeps the water flowing it prevents bacteria from multiplying and therefor takes up part of the job of the disinfectant. A good filtration system needs less added products and does about 80 to 90% of the work of keeping you pool clean! One of our partners says it like this: “You see a flowing river? It doesn’t turn green! Water needs to flow if you understand this basic rule…” You’ll need a well-designed system for your pool. Not to small, because it won’t be able to do the job, not to heavy, because it will be more energy-consuming than it needs to be. Your filter should run a certain number of hours a day to be efficient, mainly during the day because the UVs of the sun also help to disinfect your water.

Disinfectant: salt, bromine, chlorine PHMB… there is a lot of choice when it comes to the products, you’d like to use to keep your pools water disinfected. Each of them have their benefits and disadvantages. Most of the time they need other products to adjust their readings. The choice of your disinfectant is something you need to consider when investing in a new filtration system because they aren’t always interchangeable. Once you started using one, you’re mostly stuck with it. Once the system is installed, it’s fairly easy to use. Every (other) week you need to check the water quality and adjust the readings by adding this or that product. As long as you don’t let it sit for too long you should be all right. Don’t let the water turn, because it could need heavy treatments to be corrected if it’s even possible. sometimes the only solution is to drain your pool and fill it back up again!
Balance: There isn’t one type of tap water and the components depend greatly on you location. To keep the water safe to swim you need to maintain it between certain values. The most important ones are pH, Tac and TH.
  • “pH”, the degree of acidity affects the efficiency of the products you add. A faulty pH is the main reason for pools turning cloudy or green
  • “TAC”, Template Assisted Crystallization measures the level of minerals in the water. It’s kind of your pools buffer. A good TAC value will ensure the pH doesn’t shift from one extreme to the other when adding products or letting it sit for a while.
  • “TH”, illustrates the Calcium hardness of the water. it’s important to keep this value stable as it might impact the lifespan of your pool’s components like the liner, filtration parts etc.

Cleaning: Even if the filtration system has been designed to purge most impurities out of the water, it remains important to help it a bit by taking out bigger debris by hand, or with some basic tools: a net, a broom, a pool vacuum,… These tools are used to take out leaves and insects that might float on the surface or dirt than sank to the bottom. From time to time the walls of the pool need to be cleaned with a spunge to take of calcium built-up.

Sud’Arrange works with local partners to maintain your pool. They open it up in the spring and close it down in fall. During bathing season they do regular check-ups and adjust additive levels when needed. If your pool is well covered, it will not need maintenance outside the season.  Enjoy your pool and forget about it the rest of the year!

We propose 3 types of maintenance services for your pool, based on what you would like to do yourself. If you need to deviate from these packages, feel free to contact us and explain your needs. We’ll gladly help get your pool in shape!

Sud’Arrange travaille avec des prestataires régionaux de confiance pour l’entretien de votre piscine. Ils se chargent de l’ouverture au printemps et de la fermeture de la piscine en automne, puis interviennent régulièrement pendant la période baignable afin de vous soulager de cette corvée. 

Profitez de votre piscine quand vous êtes sur place, oubliez-la le reste de l’année! 

Pour l’entretien de piscine 3 modes de fonctionnement sont possibles. Si vous souhaitez dévier de ces modèles standards, n’hésitez pas à nous en faire part.


Opening May/July
Closing September/November


Opening May/July
Closing September/November
2-weekly check-up


Opening May/July
Closing September/November
2-weekly check-up
Additives included

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