House maintenance

House maintenance

Being on a vacation is having nothing to do, and the whole day to do it. ~ Robert Orben , Ecrivain

The article”Les 16 commandements annuels des propriétaires de maison de vacances” from  Aurélie Roman explains very well how much work a vacation home needs in order to stay in optimal shape:

  1. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges 
  2. Clean out the gutters
  3. Weed your patio
  4. Check your air conditionning
  5. Paint stores
  6. Check roof for damages
  7. Insect prevention
  8. Preventive maintenance on plumbing

  1. Cleaning out the chimney
  2. Change out lightbulbs
  3. Clean patio furniture
  4. Preventive boiler maintenance 
  5. Renew insurance contracts
  6. Restock staple foods
  7. Set up presence schedule
  8. Maintain the pool

Maintaining a second home might be labor intensive and we’re convinced you prefer spending time enjoying your stay rather than 

cleaning, cutting and mowing

That’s why we take care of this for you, we maintain your home throughout the year so that you can enjoy your vacation when you come to the south of France!

Our services include:


Garden maintenance