A clean vacation home, new bedsheets waiting for your arrival and soft towels waiting in the bathroom… Looks like a hotel, feels like home!

How about next time you come on vacation you just have to put down your suitcase, sleep off the journey and immediately enjoy the south of France, its sunshine, vineyards and cultural heritage! Sounds good? No problem, Sud’Arrange takes care of you second home while you’re away and makes sure it’s all ready and shiny when you come home… in France! 

  • Mop floors and clean surfaces
  • Dust off furniture and remove spiderwebs
  • Clean windows, frames and shutters
  • Start up heating system or airconditionning
  • Air the house
  • Make up beds and restock fresh towels
  • Fill up fridge and pantries
  • Dry-cleaning service

Sud’Arrange is also there when you leave. We make sure your house is cleaned and ready for wintering!

  • Clean home appliances
  • Empty trashcans and clean them out
  • Check whether stores, windows and doors are closed and locked.
  • Shut off water and electricity 

Our cleaners are locally sourced. We make sure they have flexibel schedules that can adjust to your stays. 

Customer satisfactions is our primary objective, we check the work of our employes regularly to make sure we keep delivering perfect results!


Regular check-ups not only examine the quality of maintenance work but we’re also on the look-out for irregularities in your home. This way we can detect early signs of defects and repair them before they do real damages. 

After bad weather conditions we also check-up on your home to make sure nothing was damaged. In the unfortunate event this is the case we take repair work of your hands.

We apply ourselves 100% for 99% satisfied customers!

Sud’Arrange is your partner in maintaining your vacantion house. We offer out-of-the-box solutions as well as made-to-masure-services to make sure our customer’s needs are 100% satisfied.

Contact us, we will find the best solution for you!