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Our business

More than just another agency

All-in solution for your home in the Southwest of France

What do we do at Sud'Arrange?

In short, we are property hunters and managers. But, that just scratches the surface of what we do.

Sud’Arrange wants to propose an AtoZ-solution to foreigners looking to acquire a permanent or vacation home in the south (west) of France. Our goal is to make sure our customers can become homeowner without having anything to worry about and enjoy their home as they should!

Permanent home, second residence, vacation home… we don’t make a difference and each of our customers will get the same in dept coaching in acquiring the property of their dreams. We do distinguish them in our search, because the usage will have an important impact on the characteristics of the property we will be looking for!

it’s simple, we take over everything you want to hand over. First the search, the visits, the paperwork. Later, the maintenance of your house, pool, garden, renovation works and even vacation rental if you wish to do so. As we said earlier, our mission is for you to truly enjoy your property!

Our business can thus be divided in two segments:

  1. The first is focussed on property hunting.
  2. The second one specialises in property management, a caretaker+ service of sorts.

Sud'Arrange as Property Hunter

The property hunter or better yet property finder is a real estate agent that specialises in the buying part of transactions. he therefor represents the buyer in contrast to a traditional agent that will side with the seller in the first place. 

He analyses the real estate market daily and scouts for properties that match his customer’s criteria. House hunters mainly work with exclusivity contracts because they ensure a trustful relation between two parties and allow them to give their customers every single bit of special attention they deserve. This means he is their privileged interlocutor during a certain period. During this time, he moves mountains to find the property of their dreams!

Want to learn about the different steps in our house finding mission? You can find this information here!


  • Create a draw book of his client’s wishes as well as the budget the client wants to allocate to the search
  • Browse private and professional listings for properties that match the aforementioned criteria
  • Contact sellers and get more detailed information of preselected properties and decide whether it’s worth a visit
  • Visit corresponding properties and analyse the property and its surroundings.
  • Build clear in-depth reports that allow clients to decide on whether to buy or not
  • Maintain regular contacts with his clients to show progress and adjust search criteria if needed
  • Collect all necessary documents from buyer and seller to ensure a smooth transaction
  • Negotiate the price of the property in his client’s name
  • Assist the buyer for the final signature or sign in his name if he holds a proxy
interested in these services, contact us here!


A good property finder must perfectly know his surroundings. His hotlist and know-how ensure to rapidly find a property that matches your criteria.

As he doesn’t have his own list of properties to sell, he can touch a wider variety of properties through multiple advertisers, private and professional sellers. Moreover, he will only present you high quality properties because he’s neutral about the listings he visits. He can make an objective assessment of its build quality, surroundings, the repairs needed and the overall value of the listing.

As a skilled negotiator he will be more likely to get a good deal for you.

More information about our property hunting services here!

Sud'Arrange as Property Manager

Our property management service relieves you from governing your property.

The bigger, older, or more special a property gets, the more work it needs to keep running correctly. Until at a certain point it keeps you busy all year long. This might be something you can deal with at your main residence, little repairs, gardening or cleaning might be therapeutic, you can contract for bigger repairs, and you are there to make sure outsourced work is done properly.

Things change for a vacation home for two main reasons:

  1. You’re not there all the time and things have time to escalate before being noticed
  2. when you’re there, you would like to enjoy your holiday, not managing maintenance workers or doing things yourself

As property managers, Sud’Arrange runs your property from A to Z. We maintain your house and garden all year long, make sure the pool is regularly serviced, and contract with builders if repairs are needed. We check do a monthly check-up of your property and advise from there on forward. You just get monthly reports that explain what’s been up and that you don’t have to worry

This way, when you come over to spend some time in your second home, you can truly enjoy being there!

More information about our caretaker services!


As maintenance manager we manage all the contractors (eg. the gardener, poolboy, housecleaner,…). We recruit them or find local businesses that can do the work, make sure they are getting paid and show up and verify the quality of the job. If things are not done to our likings, we make sure they are corrected immediately.

This way, you can be sure that your home is well maintained when you are not there and that you will be able to enjoy it fully when you decide to come over. Stop spending the first week of your vacation mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and trying to correct the pools water.

Another benefit of this service is that your property will look habited throughout the year, which greatly reduces the risk of burglary and having to deal with insurances claims, official reports etc…


We also make sure your vacation home benefits of regular check-ups. Monthly visits are set up to detect damages and set up repair crews when needed. A pipe sprung a leak, wind blew away some roofing and runoff water damaged some walls? Don’t worry about it, when detected we contact your insurance, open up a claim and contract to repair the damages as fast as possible. 

You won’t even see it when you come and visit next time, all that will be left is a paragraph in your monthly report.

This holds especially in case of bad weather. We check the forecasts for each area and plan our visits after natural disasters. Bad winds? Heavy rain? Local floods? Don’t worry we’ve got your back!

Project Management

As project manager, we coordinate your building or renovation projects. We are not professional builders and don’t have our in-house crews, but we love a good renovation project and we’re not afraid of getting a little dirty.

We manage your project. This means we have some great architects in our contact list, we know our way around the French building regulations and the permits, and we contract with some of the best contractors of the area. We set up regular meetings to follow up on the works, make sure the schedule is respected and the work is done right. Regular reports inform you of progress, setbacks, and solutions as well as some pretty pictures or videos to show your friends!

If things should go wrong, we have your back and help you with the warranty claims, contact the builders and try to work things out for you.

This way you can build or renovate your little part of France, without the stress that normally comes with it. We are your local spokesperson, and we have your best interests at heart! Furthermore, you won’t have to talk to 10 different people, we are your referee and make sure your message gets to the right people.

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