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Relocation Services

Are you ready for a new adventure? The decision was made, you’re ready to leave your beloved country behind and start over abroad…. to enjoy your retirement …for your new job or just to start over,… all reasons are valid when it comes to exploring the world. It will open up new possibilities, you’ll discover a different culture and meet new people

Nevertheless, it’s a big step and you might want a hand in setting everything up. 

That’s where we come in: been there, done that! 

We help you through the paperwork and administrative hassle. Some of our services include:

  • Car importation (even though that’s really something to overthink)
  • Register for identity documents 
  • Apply for healthcare services
  • Setting up bank accounts and insurances
  • Find schools for the kids
Our goal is simple: taking some of the stress off your shoulders, you already have enough things to think about when moving abroad! 

It’s really easy to get lost in all this paperwork, forget something important or send in something too late. French bureaucracy is wel gifted to create dead ends and vicous cirkels and your dream can turn into a nightmare if you get caught up by the system. 

No stress, Sud’Arrange is right by your side. We are perfectly multilingual, have been there and know the catches. Another big advantage: we’re locals, so we know where to be and who to speak to!